An Experience Of Contentment

In a home walled on three sides
the fourth partly protected
allows a flow of traffic.

Sitting on the  raised platform
I greet a peacock accompanied
by his wife and three peachicks
They stray through the greenery.

The male flaunts the feathers
dances.  Creates a fantastic posture,
seems a painting in turquoise,
while his better half coos with love
goes around him in adoration.

Hounds  barge in all in a sudden
Snarl, attack the the dancer’s tribe.
who take flight.

They dig the ground,
behave atrocious,
cause a mess of the place.

After an interval, I hear
a flutter,  witness a  jump
from pillar to post. The  monkey
snatches the magazine from me.
Am surrounded by  a gibberish  chatter.

Terrified I rush inside.
come out after an hour.
Find the cows grazing.
It is serene. Tranquillity.

The stream,  I perceive,
differs from the vehicular where
smoke permeates, din pervades.