Water–An Ounce

An acquaintance and I
talked all day
over a jug of plain water.

How many glasses I drank?
I lose  count,
must be seven.

She is a poor eater
just pieces and morsels,
I notice.

She consumes  less water
limited, I can say.
Takes a mouthful and sets aside.

How does she survive?
I wonder. She has no
health issues.

We rise from the chair,
at the end of our dialogue
exchange warm smile.

I note a quarter ounce of water
left in her glass. Is it etiquette
or  fashion? I deliberate.

Water is a coveted commodity.
It is treason to leave an ounce
It irks.

Gold is alluring, people yearn
Water is essential, we need
for sustenance.

That is the distinction.