The Spectacle

Blue, red, green and yellow
appear in the sky. A spectacle
splendid and exciting.

The red haired bunny rises
timid. The kids jump in glee,
a celebration unfolds.

The green parrot,
soars  with a squeak,
creates an aura of bluish green.

The slow sailing fish
swims in the air
a noiseless rhythm.

The temple festival turns
a carnival. The balloon seller
entertains. He makes money.


Tea With Milk

Indian tea is with milk.
Sugar, ginger and cardamom
add taste and flavour.

This drink invigorates
extends an energy
hard to communicate.

I do not refrigerate
like to go for fresh one
a discipline I follow.

It helps most days
when guestscome,
my stock falls short.

I procure milk  in a sachet
from the nearby store, except
on circumstances I envisage difficulty.

My good fortune, I obtain the quantity.
The beverage brews intense
with a scintillating aroma.


My Way of Worship

I tie  flowers in the evenings
place the sequence on the idols,
and pray.

Easy to string the delicate “pichis ”
with  long stems than “mallis”
that have short ones.

Significant for their fragrance
the white flowers add to the
aura of divinity.

I make a small strand for me
hang round my tiny hairdo
a practice from my childhood.

With flowers in bamboo baskets,
I fasten them together, perhaps
a half an hour work.

Perform the ritual with passion,
am incapable of sharing
the exhilaration.





I Am Off

A hectic day it is.
Claims and disbursements
keep me engaged .

A siesta in the afternoon
is my routine. Have to forsake
the liberty this day.

I am on the phone, this moment
at the computer the next, into
the store room  and at the gate.

The internal duties make
me run, while that in business
drive me crazy.

It is dusk, am on my toes
Setting  aside the assignments,
throw myself on to the bed.

I am off for  the day.


The Trees To Me

Singing to myself,
I walk past the path.

The enormous trees on the promenade
stand still and straight.

“Salutations to you,
noble souls, I confide.

Overwhelmed I move
forward. Tears drop.

The cheeks turn wet.
I address them,

“Your grace is wonderful,
your generosity is unsurpassable.

The many uses of you
throng my mind.

The shelter you extend
to humanity attains prominence”.

I can go on and on,
for limiltless period.

Neem, mango, and coconut
trees grew with me.

Look fine and strong,
evolvea fortitude

I have become  weak
ineffective to withstand the times.


How I Decide?

A brisk walk in the morning
lights up your mind
energises your physique.

Resolve to become active
but stay lethargic
gazing at the sky.

I frame  rules with diligence
break them with an extraordinary ease
the funniest part.

Decisions, I make, fly in the air
else become rusty, sleep in the corners
orphaned and neglected.

Am the only one, I feel
who behaves odd, a kind
of distraction, I construe.


Turning Back

Decimals and fractions
crowd my mind.

Formulas and equations
come in rows.

Punctuations and propositions
crisscross with a drag.

Spellings and grammar
keep me at bay.

Am restless all the more
never at peace.

It is the school days,
I relive.

I go behind in decades
without any hesitation.

Love to stay  for a while
as the years so far,
and those yet to come
make me tired.



Piety Overshadows Beauty

I am captivated at the temple’s splendour.
Each day it unfolds a characteristic  magnificence.

One day I am amazed at the shrine’s hugeness,
the next day  astonished by the embellishments.

The eyes travel through the niceties of art.
The sculptures speak volumes, see with a curiosity.

A frequenter I observe new features  during every visit.
How I missed these so long? I wonder.

The leaves and flowers engraved in stone
look original.

The stones, reproduce the episodes of “Thiruvilayadal ”
define the “‘Karnams”, “mudras”.

I walk past in a hurry to reach the sanctum.
It is time for worship.

Devotion overwhelms. Piety overshadows