The Blossom

The tiny white bud
on a verdant stalk unfolds.
A routine phenomenon
impresses a splendor.

The petals unfurl
one by one
in a slow motion
represent a sophistication.

The flower blooms
acquires an exquisite form
symbolic  of glory
an untold fascination.

I watch with awe
keep near to the plants
check them unfold
exhilaration permeates.

It is exuberance
to see a girl come of age.
The sprightly little one
matures. An evolution.

Daring and mischievous
she becomes responsible.
A switch  over.
Smooth  transition.

The uncouth growth
changes graceful. Cheeks
glow. The coy smile

Nimble-footed and delicate
the adolescent looks angelic.
Amazing.  Metamorphical!
I stand spellbound