Tying Flowers

a craft by itself.

My mother taught me
when I was six years old.
She started with leaves
not flowers initially.

Flowers are delicate
while leaves express strength
being easy to handle
and strand together.

She choosesleaves with tenacity
both long and broad
folds them into two
trains me to knot.

Three leaves upward
three inverted
she runs the string
then locks with a knot.

Looks straightforward.
I fold the leaves
tighten the thread
around them.

lonce, twice and thrice.
I go. Falter miserably.
crush the leaves.
Mom loses her equanimity,

Makes me do it again.
Clumsier I perform,
Struggle, my trepidation
angers mother.

She grips my fingers
helps to tie. She does
many times until
I accomplish.

Am  a pro.
Make beautiful
garlands of Rose,
Jasmine and Marigold.