November Rains

go for days.  Unpredictable
Incessant  and intermittent,
Drizzle and torrential
The garden is flooded.

Holding the sari high
in one hand, with an
umbrella in the other,
walk to pick the newspapers.

The paper man throws
the dailies with skill.If allowed
is sure to win gold
in Olympics

Next comes the heavily clothed,
milkman. His call is loud
and firm, Replicates the
voice of a cricket umpire

I run to take the milk bottle
one between the gate
and the porch.He swirls round
and speeds..Six runs!

The rains progress
from heavy to wild
I perceive with awe.
Thunder and lightning  follow.

Weather forecast for the day
is it would be warm and dry.
With my eyes on the news
I stumble. Knock the bottle.
A crash! The bottle and I.

The paper floats.
Milk spills, flows.
I lie flat  on the floor.
Water gushes.

Rains continue.