The Four Hillocks

Hillocks surround my town.
Seen on all directions
Look like forts, natural
and imperious.

Sirumalai is on the North
a fertile belt where coffee,
bananas, cardamom
Land of abundance

Towards the west
is Nagamalai, warrior like
seems exactly like
a serpent. Nagam is snake.

Cow like hill, Pasumalai
watches the South. Genial
and gentle it extends.
Idyllic in stature.

The royal elephant commands
delivers history in the Jain monks
rock beds and their sculptures,
Yanaimalai in the North .

A beautiful and productive
land mass encircles my town,
Madurai, the seat of Sangam

These hillocks preserve
the ancient town.,
Being a benevolence.
A geographical endowment.