Toothy Smile

It is a turn back.
The forgotten incidents
are not too many.
Majority remains
fresh in memory.

Events of joy
do not stay for long.
Those of hurt, of grief
remain intense in mind.

The hard work I put n
as a student, the exam fever
the anxiety kindled
during the publication of results
still keep me in awe.

The pains of childbirth
the responsibilities as a wife,
a mother along with managing
the business and the house,
make me wonder.

How did I do? I was so tied up.
No time to stand and stare.
even to breathe all the more.
I have survived. Those days
place me apart from the regular.

Do I feel at ease now?
Not at all. I am still
ticking around with a aching
knees, silvery locks
and sagging skin.

The toothless smile
when I was a baby
extends further, been
converted to a teethy
flashy one.

Toothless smile
will soon come