Those Two

The two of them,
say Meera and Sheela
one with folded lips
walks with less gait
and lesser etiquette
the other known for her jerks
the hands , neck and shoulders
twist and turn unnecessarily

They try to steal the limelight
with gestures arrogant. Meera
speaks of money and materials,
while Sheela talks of her earnings
and investments. Interesting to hear
their brag and drag. They engage
with such enthusiasm, the listeners
diffuse in course leaving them alone.

Been watching them with concern,
fervently hope they should stop
or be restricted by a good samaritan
as their endless conversations
are cover ups, conceal their inabilities
and deceits. Meera and Sheela
require a reprimand very soon.

Well, I hear a voice from somewhere
” Damn, shut your mouths and be quiet”