How I Create

The strain I endure
the pain I undergo
stands out at every event
regretting at the moment
 forgetting a little after

 I  indulge  with enthusiasm
 scrutinizing every detail
 conceptualizing the incidental
 matching, adding, attributing
 a mania or a phobia, can I call? grips me
 with a tight fist, I stay imprisoned

A team of craftsmen
work with me in my pursuit
to create, to bring to reality
my dreams, I give them the outline.

 I can visualize but drawing
is not my forte, they do  with skill
send pictures, I fine tune them
marking the corrections,
patiently they redo, an online
interaction  goes for a week
They understand, I compromise
 finally we accomplish it.

 ” Here we go”.  we scream with glee
  I have not seem them nor they have

  all being worked  with applications.
  It is tension filled fun – a creation