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A Rosy bud.

A rose bud dangles in the air,

The pinkish hue looks fair,’

The green stalk dances along,

To the vibrant  Nature’s  song.

My Little lady in  pink,

Smiles at me with a wink,

Regally  she  glides   along,

With a  submissive throng.

The bud looks  incredibly  lush

My  little lady appears   thoroughly fresh,

As the tiny bud   gaily  beckons

My beautiful  lady   firmly reckons.

The bud   looks    firmly tight

My little lady  expresses  terms bright,

As  the  lovely bud   gleefully  calls

My sweet lady   happily  responds.

The bud   is none other than   rose

My little lady  is  no other than Meenu,

As the rose bud is  a lovely  exuberance

My  little  lady is a  graceful  elegance