Glorious And Gracious.

It is fun to be with your children

they are like the flowers in the garden

one being different from the other

as the rose and dahlias rather.


A mother would rejoice their presence

her eyes would gleam with an essence

the joy of being together is  an exuberance

a period to be cherished with an indulgence.


She sits and recollects the  incidents of the past

they come in a row gradually not too fast

the pranks they played around her in their days

how she reprimanded them  in many ways.


Goes back even further to those days

the time she nursed them with grace

all come in  too many a  fantasy

her eyes turn moist she being not crazy.


The instincts of the mother fascinate

a feel of love with no other designate

the children are to her the life in all

as she forgets herself in the motherly call.


The flowers in the garden are so full of energy

they bloom and blossom with   a synergy

being with the children is glorious

looking at them with love is truly gracious.