Resident Of A Shrine.

The morning was beautiful
with plenty of sunshine
the appointment was early
and had to rush through
the morning chores.
As the time was nearing
popped into the car
with my husband on the wheels.
Got down on time
with people looking at me
in a curious note.
I greeted all with cheer
knowing not the reason for stare
while my friend came towards me
took me aside and told me
that I was with one ear stud.
Shocked and amused at the same time
I rushed back home
wore an alternate stud
went back to the appointment
This time also everyone stared at me
for a different reason of vanishing
for a while and then appearing again
showing no feelings met the person
who was not a millionaire or a country’s chief
one not from the material world
but from the external stratosphere
residing in a shrine.

one ear stud.