Suspended Belief

we are all victims of suspended belief.Equity market, commodity trading,real estate,are all in the grip of this phobia.What will happen? Will we see a rise? Is it going to fall?Will the economy be stable?queries rush into our mind. We are in a state of transcendental confusion.Mind is at peril.
Analysts add condiments to the broth.A prominent expert says buy this stock,bonus shares are to be issued. There is a mad rush, Accumulation works on.the next day the price of the stock dilutes.There is mood of disappointment,displeasure.There is a throb in the heart,if I had been less entusiastic,and more prudent,things would have been different.
It is this attitude that is pulling the market down.It is this feeling that is playing a havoc in the economy of the nations.
Inflation is camouflaged in India.There is a neat 15 % rise in the prices.People are disgruntled.
Media and analyst put the percentage of hike as is a total misnomer.
The government of India has announced ,that it will contain inflation ,Another instance of misleading the people.
The government says ,there will be an industrial growth of 10%.Where is it?
investors,unmindful of technical calls, of market volatality,can nowinvest in reputed scrips-like SBI,L&T,Brittania,Telco. Maruti,infosys, TCS,reliance packages.
ctch them when they are low, you will be rewarded,
This is the recipe for success


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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