Behaviour Finance

Behaviour Finance has to be a given a deep thought.Management schools should include this subject in the curriculum. No two men are alike.Each has a different outlook, differentg taste, different likings .The decision also is not akin.
Management of big companies was under the family earlier. Strategies were dictated by the family head, followed most obediently by the siblings,sons and the managers.There was no dispute.The family run business was in experienced hands, no matter the person controlling the fiefdom was intelligent, pragmatic and progressive.
The scenario has changed. Globalisation has brought with it competition,swift actions,definite plans and focused enthusiasm.
The Hamletian philosophy “To be or not to be”will not hold water. Dilemma will not find a place in today’s corporate management.
Next into equities and commodities trading,this behavioural aspect rules the roost.
To commit or not to commit is piquant. Investing in equities for a long time will be rewarded. In put in big, reputed trustworthy companies will findremuneration.
Trading short term is intersting,provided the flow is minimal.
These investments are like a garden .They have trees and flowers .Trees give fruits in a few years. flowers bloom ,fade away .Fruits are essential ,so also flowers ,they givebeauty and fragrance.
A setback in markets,sends shock waves. Succumbing to such pressure is regrettable.Ups and downs in markets are common. Take it in the stride. Be complacent,Minus 500 or plus 1000 is not a matter.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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