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Infosys Too

Self reliance is the need of the hour.

Infosys falls short of expectation. There are no exceptions to this economic recession. The dogma every rule has an exception, has proved false.The downbeat is remarkable. The earnings per share has dwindled.The operating margins have slipped.Revenue for the year would fall.

The dependence on outsourcing gave an unexpected prosperity to the Information technology in India. There was a belief that Information technology was the sunrise indudtry of the world. There was a mad rush to computer engineering, computer applications  in colleges, pushing behind conventional subjects like civil, mechanical and electrical.

The boom was unprecedented. The salary and perks for these outsourcing professionals was amazing .The engineers  earned in lacs. The sudden spurt in economic setup, made the young very tall . They disregarded  discipline, set aside the principles and marched towards lavish spending deriding modesty.

The other professionals were not recognised by the crowd. The age old vocation like medicine , auditing,law , and teaching were thrown into darkness. Their remuneration was not in parity to fresh upstarts. A decade of glory is slowly drawing to a close. The bubble has bursted, The high style has to embark on humility.

The major Information Technology companies have not given out  rosy results.They are wallowing in unforeseen trouble. The Satyam episode has cracked down the faith in them.

It is time for these big outsourcers to think differently. They have to deviate from this cult and etch out a living of their own, How long can they rely on other countries?  It is colonisation in a subtle way. We , knowingly or unknowingly, have subscribed to the fancies of U. S and other European countries.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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