The Tenth Day.

The maroon coloured  tapestry rises.
There is seen a splendour that is divine  — Durga.
The  golden throne  oscillates
swinging with grace on the resplendent seat is Durga
Draped in red handwoven Kanchi silk
embellished with motifs in pure zari smiles Goddess Durga.
Adorned with jewellery of the finest diamonds,
rubies and emeralds embedded in yellow gold  is the Devi Durga.
Known  best for her rage
the one who demolishes evil with a fury, as seen a pleasant Durga
Looks calm and joyous
on the ninth day of the Navaratri-  the Durgashatami.
A celebration of the triumph of good over evil
marks the finality of the Navaratri  an appeasement.  Peace to Durga.