The Safe Vault (1754)


Fascinated I am
not by a painting of Van Gogh,
but by an iron safe, year:1754.

Funny, isn’t it to like one
so huge, and sturdy.
Its ruggedness is exquisite.

The charm lies in its structure,
firm and impenetrable.
It has many secret chambers;
its keyholes, visible and invisible,
improves security and invites scrutiny.

The motifs on the door, the brass handles,
the emblem with the words
“Dieu Et Mon Droit” (God And My Right),
supported by a lion and a horse
extend pride to its stature.

I longed to buy one.
Protégé Ramu
saw not one, but two.
He promises to buy them
for an unbelievable price,
much higher than what
I would have offered.

I probe, check, cross verify.
Is the seller related to Ramu?
must be for some reason
he is in a hurry.
I pester him. Vexed,
at one stage, he bursts out
Amma, vendam enral solli vidunga
Amma, If you think like this
you are not going to buy them”.

Suspicion is not the better
part of my nature.
I trail. I derail.
Ramu makes up
for my indecisiveness.
He concludes the deal
knowing my penchant for antiques
and my fleeting indignation.

Now, I own impregnable safes.
Do I go with Bertrand Russell?
“In the modern world the stupid
are cocksure while the intelligent
are full of doubt.”