The Other Side Of Deepavali

The crackers explode all through the night
frightening the young and old alike.
Babies cry when they hear the noise
seem to lose the beat for a moment.
The aged shudder when the blast become terrific
their heart stops momentarily.

Unconcerned the people ignite firecrackers
a way of celebrating Deepavali
the festival of lights. A practice
of longstanding- a sense of happiness.
The firing denotes the triumph of good
over evil. A valid festival has been transformed
into an irrational deliberation .

The expenditure far exceeds the revenue
leading to a borrowing heavy. The new clothes
for the family, the cost of crackers ,
the exchange of sweets and snacks all places
most of the people in debt. The solemnity of
the custom is lost in its threshold. The grandeur
steals the show which evolves into a meaningless
incredibility. The religious part is easily
forgotten. Deepavali ceases to be a festival of light.
A new theory is manifested in the celebrations