The Story Of John.

I read the story of John.
His life is inspiring  I wish to imbibe

A story of a man in 1830’s
I  am astounded.

He suffered so much in his prime
He was declared insolvent. It was a manipulated attempt.
His foes won.

He appealed and restored his pride.
He did not wish  to stay in his country.

Set sail to a distant land
with his wife and three kids.

It was a journey that lasted 130 days.

He worked with diligence. Struggled.
His unstinted tries made him a millionaire.

Earned fame. His publications grew .
He became a baron.

He went back to his motherland.
Paid his creditors the principal with interest.

I admire the man. My heart goes out to him.
I salute his greatness. His integrity is honourable. A few are there.

Such men are rare.  A few we find.
May their tribe increase.