Bali -As I See.

Bali, the coveted island,
with beautiful beaches
and long mountainous ranges
punctuated by volcanoes
and clear lakes, presents
an awesome landscape – ever fresh.

The no colouring scheme
the larvae in black
along with the bricks in red
extends a naturalism to the island.

The frescoes in stone
speak volumes.
The intricacies in woodwork
tell stories unknown.
The stone sculptures of the deities
lying on the roads in sun and rain
talk of Hinduism in depth.
The artifice and craftsmanship
of the artisans are beyond belief

Contentment is their way of life.
Rush not for money
Lead a carefree life in animation
with Nature be their motto.

Tourism has broken the quietude.
The island has succumbed to the
Western greed.
The beautiful beaches are in a disarray.
The sports like the surfing, the luncheons
and dinners in their coasts dispel the peace.
The innocence of the Balinese is manipulated.
Money is the spoiler.
Tradition is dying. Bohemianism is emerging.
The eastern and western intersection unknowingly
has demolished the culture.

I can see no lovely beaches.
I can espy no burning volcanoes.
I can experience solitude in the mountains.
I can feel no divinity in the temples.
It is all noise and din. It is slanderous.
A game is being played without caution-
being a crafty indulgence to disrupt charm and peace.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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