My Way of Handling Disaster

I read the Tamilnadu Disaster management’s call on 17/April/2017 asking people to stay indoors as the heat wave is expected to commence soon. I brushed aside the warning. I told myself it is the way they forecast every time and nothing turns true.
The next day did come. I had made an elaborate planning. I wanted to go shopping. First, buy vegetables, then provisions, run to the ration shop to procure the monthly distribution allotted to me, then buy matching blouse bits for sarees which I had not worn for years.The reason for not wearing them being I have outgrown my blouses and if I wear them I will be stifled to death.
It was dawn. I opened my doors and gate. I picked up the newspapers and walked to my usual place at the verandah. I sat on the cane chair. I felt something hot passing through. I stood up, steadied myself and reclined. My entire back seems to be in contact with red coal. I jumped and went inside. I switched on the fan and opened the papers. Gosh, my head went reeling. The fan emitted hot air enough to make one dizzy. I threw the paper down. I sat on the plain floor. It was so warm that I could not stay there much longer.
Remembering my plans, I rushed to the bathroom to have a shower. Water came out in full force. My head got scorched and my I was sweltering.  Quickly came out and dressed. I walked into the kitchen and switched on the stove. I was perspiring and the kitchen added to my misery. I have bathed once again in my sweat. I heaved and panted.  I took my place int dining table. I could eat nothing as I had drunk pints of water.  Letting my breakfast rot on the table, I moved to my living room and fell flat n the floor.
The warm tiles provided a solace. I lay there like a stone the whole day.
Finally, the weather forecast has come true for once. I smile wryly.