More Than Science And religion

I deliberate. That I do most of the day. I have nothing substantial to deal with.  My mental eye tracks behind. It is a reverse osmosis of the intellectual faculties. Like the ocean, my thoughts flow, my mind associates a conversation It is me, with me, between me, me and me throughout.
Today, the issue is faith and Science. The two being similar but, defy each other.
Blasphemous it appears. They go on with an indifference felt.
I learned a report of loss. A guy in his prime, in good health and with nil clinical complaints died in the early morning. How could this take place? No symptoms but mortality have befallen. How will science dispute this death?
 My comrade is in excellent health. She knows no sign of exhaustion, feels no discomfort, seems strong, and full of life.  The clinical investigations differ.   How will science interpret her alertness?
Another striking example consisting to a next of kin. He consumes spurious drinks, smokes like a steam engine, sensual, dines with no limitations,  commemorates his ninetieth anniversary in such splendour, knows no ailments. How will science attribute his survival?
Been in a fertility clinic two days ago.  A group of females aged  25 and above queuing up for the examinations.The partners form another line. The  Doctors are investigating the results. One hand ticks, the other hand receives the cash.  The couple strolled out with a dream. Staying longer,  I incline towards a husband and wife having a baby- a treasure for them. The child is six months old. Looks fair, with azure eyes dark hair, My prodding mind keeps me at the ends. The baby looks distinct from the parents. I presume there has been a transposition of sperms.
Is it honest? Will religion be able to acknowledge?
The earth is dry. The rains have failed. It is global warming cry the conservationists. It is nature’s fury shout the spiritual m  Man has defied  Has abused nature by his unmindful behaviour.Hence the consequences.   Getting closer to it, we find, they mean the same. Here learning and faith lie on the identical coordinates.
One can go on. It will be an endless commentary.
Stepping out, I see a force that guards us, that directs us, that raises us, drops us.  the longer you hurt the one beside, the larger you deprive the other, the more you tell lies, the more you accuse, the more you suppress, the more you suffer.  Religion says these in sermons and discourses. Science shows them with its experiments and investigations.  Both lead you. It is you who has to pick  It is you who has to deliver the good.


Religion is a code
being a belief
the why? does not arise
a resignation dominant
suppresses analysis
where trust prevails
reason finds no place.