Sundal, Sundal, Calls Ramu

Love to be near the sea.
Like to perceive the blue azure
and enjoy the salt laden air
that strikes the face.

The tightly tied hair,
loosens, falls apart
unable to withstand
the wild breeze.
I sit feeling salty all over.

A hawker, Ramu, passes with
a large vessell filled
with “Thengai mangai sundal”.,
He cries nonstop, ” Sundal”

The boiled dried peeas
with a liberal spread of ground coconut
mixed profusely with green chilly
and finely chopped mangoes.

It is a delicacy. An admixture
keeps the mouth watering.
The coconuts render sweetness.
while the mango makes it sour
the chilly turns it spicy.

An inexpensive savoury,
serves as a nourishment.
Appeases the young and old
A great recipe from days of old.