The Sojourn

Flying non stop
for fourteen hours,
is a drain and a strain.
legs ache,the hip pleads.

I stand, pause, sit
shift the legs, the cramp
turns unbearable.Ouch!
the muscles stiffen.

I fall asleep, awake as the
plane bumps, my head
knocks against the one who sits nearby.
The pain is beyond.

He frowns and mumbles.
looks daggers. I apoligise.
The eyelids close, whilst
my head wobbles

The annoyed neighbour
pushes the head and I
wake up in the jolt. He screams.

Is it so painful? I dare not ask.

Ashamed I sit tight
in the jam packed row
All eyes are on me,
I feel belittled.

Again sleep overtakes
I try to resist, but slumber
gets the better of me
and I doze.

I open my eyes in the middle,
look at my neighbour.
His head slumps
against my shoulder.

He is tired also, I tell myself.