The Cat Walk

He is like a cat on the fence,
a  connotation to fickle mindedness
the cat and the mouse game
one of  a popular sport of the kids
as stealthy as a cat,
a characteristic feature
are the allusions to the little mammal

The long whiskers twitching
striped body in mixed colours
yellow and black, or black and white
A poor cousin of the  ferocious tiger.
cantankerous and less harmful,
whose small eyesglitter in dark
decipher the slightest.

Nursery rhymes “Pussy Cat”
“Hickory Dickory Dock,”
read from childhood
create a bond,
the kid and the animal relate.

A friendly creature,
a pet at home is but
considered  an ill omen
in Hinduism, the cat
walks in style like a hero
on the walls of my house.