Stately Homes

The pictures of Gods and Goddesses
on the walls send a shudder
down the spine. A gallery could I say.

The images are  full of life
dressed in the best, adorned
with rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds.

Lakshmi sits on a lotus, Saraswathi
plays the Veena, Meenakshi
with a parrot in hand blesses.

Benign and smiling they cast a look
pleasant and protective.
Divinity enthralls.

The stately homes provide a generous slot
to artistic pursuits. Serve as an impetus
to the artisans.

The hall is an architectural marvel
designed  in a hexagonal fashion. The intersections are
impressive with delectable effusions.

It is a pavilion of grandeur.
Unable to take my eyes off the canvases I go
in a moderate pace. Gape with mouth wide open.

The sensory effects, the choice of colours
fascinate. As if in a reverie, I stay spell bound.
Cry, “Oh, my God”