Having called it the day,
one of exertion on the line
I relax for a while.

The new home
demands my time
depletes my energy.

The “thinnai” is the place
where I contemplate much the same
as Buddha under the Bodhi tree.

He receives enlightenment
I sit dazed– the distinction
recall the recent events.

The summer is at its climax.
Hot winds beat with a force
My head reels.

I go inside. The power goes off.
Heat penetrates. The wall is hot,
the furniture turns warm.

Neither able to rest nor work
I gaze at the sun,  red hot.  Wonder
the excellence of the light giver,

The Sun is flamboyant,.
Perseveres  relentless. Its
power drives me mad.

.Can I acheive by practice
the transcendental heights?
Buddha”s Nirvana  Never could I?