The Heirloom

Great are the benefits think the mothers.
Buy utensils, ornaments, mats, furniture
beds, pillows, bed covers, bags
what not and what all. A gallery.

They perform with  passion.
Inscribe or sew the initials.
A twenty year collection -gift
to the daughter- The heirloom.

Transported , stacked
and locked in her husband’d place
once she gets married. A periodical
wipe and clean take place. A parking.

A system through generations.
The daughter lives in the city
away from her possessions. She never
uses them if at all a few. A bank

These policies might sound strange
but the community cherishes. Carries them
forward — a venture not remunerative
but supportive. Trial Balance

The community pays no attention.
Rising price never bothers them.
The dust in locked rooms accumulate.
The womenfolk continue to acquire.  Economy.

Mother to daughter goes the chain.
Daughter to her daughter – an endless
flow.  the mighty ocean seem to pause
but never this community. The graph