Cuddles And Giggles

The little one
my grand daughter 
 ever affectionate
looks at me with no sign of recognition.

The day before 
we played together 
she hiding, I seeking,leaving no corner of the house everything being forgotten. 

I go close to her
she runs away terrified.
Call her “Meenu”. She
 being named after me.Hostile she turns..

This being in a wedding,
 amongst relatives and friends.
 They  look at me 
as though I am an unkind grandma   Wriggle with discomfort.
I stay put in my place
bite my tongue 
brush aside the tears
watch the ceremonies 
with little.interest.

I walk towards the exit
deeply hurt,a tiny hand pulls the edges of my sari.find my lovely child,who cuddles and giggles.