Medicines Are Not For Me

The mild winters in town
bring infections many.
Dominance of Dengue
and Swine flu create panic.

I sneeze, cough incessantly
run high temperature.
Fear of contracting the viral
makes me nervous.

Unable to place my head
on a single pillow,I keep two. three
lie on the bed almost
in an angle of 60 degrees.

Tossing in my bed I dream of
wild things. I am attacked by a bear,
a lion growls fierce,
finally a tiger tears me apart.

“That is the end”, I cry.
The family rushes to my bedside.
Curse me for refusing to take medicine.
They turn frustrated.

I drink warm water, munch
black pepper.Take apple cider
vinegar with honey. I nurse myself
and regain my composure.

Am back.