The House Of Sharada

on ten acres
has a sprawling garden
with lawns punctuated
by flower beds, variety of trees
from coconut to neem,
mango to gooseberry,
hundreds of species
birds, rodents, co exist
with Sharada’s family.

It is like a mini kingdom
dark and deep in places,
bright and sunny in the remaining
the singing of birds invigorates,
the chatter of the monkeys enlivens,
the squeak of the rodents enthuses
an orchestral abundance
rhythmic to the lovers of Nature,
discordant to others uninterested.

This house gives way
to the modern concepts
high rise buildings, commercial
and residential come up. An artificial
scenario usurps, Nature recedes.
The serenity turns into a buzz,
transactions hitherto unknown
spread their wings, isolation
becomes a congestion.

( Second in the series ” Social Distancing”)