I Am In A Soup

it is turning an ordeal,
the day to day menu,
with my cook in self
quarantine for 40 days,
while the usual isolation
is only fourteen, he sets his time
went home in haste
much before the lockdown,

He keeps calling me ealternate day
for money. He wants to be safe
not bothered about my hardship.
He sends his bank account number,
without the bank’s name, branch location.
He fails to understand they are important
for transactions, insists the number will do,
as he is the headman of the village.

I give up. Remain unperturbed,
as he has got his salary a fortnight ahead.
Back in the kitchenI break my head
as to what should I prepare
for dinner. Quickly, I make a chutney,
desirous to come out as soon as I can.
Sweating, I hurry to my parlour,
recline on the couch, Ayyo ! I sigh.