My son spoke to me yesterday,
 he speaks every other day,
his words of yesterday, I quote,
 “wherever you are mom,
 houses  may vary, ambience might differ,
 places change, but you stay at home
away from the mainstream”.

“How true”! I exclaim
I drive to places inside the country,
fly to countries, spending money,
 experiencing great discomfort in flight what for?
 rushing to the airport, through immigration,
 passing through security checks,
 all for the sake of staying
at home.

What makes me do that? I do not know
 inherited?  A practice? confounded
or willing,  am unable to decipher,
 I have passed on this trait to my sons,
though in a diminished magnitude.  
They have  to pursue their profession.
My attitude bothers my husband,
 and my sons  trouble their wives.

Disturbances come from anywhere
 this one is such unexpected
 which cannot be condemned
 still causes an unpleasantness
 hard to explain and at the same time
 beyond conciliation.