Flight Turns Expensive

Back  at my place of business,
 a second home as my visa says
 I step into the house, Happy
as it was perfect.

It is past midnight, I gobble
some food I brought
quench my thirst with a 250 ml
Hundred Plus, a carbonated drink.

 Lo! my wardrobe keys go missing
 I search the drawers where I keep
except the keys other belongings
 remain intact.

I go to bed worried, sleep embraces
do not know how long I slept
my milkman hoots,  with my eyes
half closed  mange to walk to the gate.

He is delighted to see me
after two and a half years,
 I grin at him sheepishly he motors  
 saying “OK, amma, take rest”.

A  simple  breakfast appeases
my hunger, while sipping
the  masala tea, droplets
fall on my lap in quick intervals,

 From where, I wonder? They
 come from my nose,  unexpectedly.
as I am in pink of my health,  quite
unaware that I am in for trouble,