Enterprising Mr. Chong

A trip to cameron Highlands ,this weekend,was an eye opener.I chanced to meet a chinese entrpenur.He is into flower exports.He has a patented a particular green tulip like flower in Holland.His 6 acre flower garden is bubbling with activity. It is mini Asia, as people from Bangladesh ,Nepal.India,and Indonesia are working. This man ,let we call him as MR .Chong,employs 60 workers.Right from seedlings,transplanting,rearing ,manuring,irrgation,sizing,packing are done under his meticulous care. The packed flowers,find market in Japan ,Australiaand Hongkong.The flowers are a feast to the eyes. The man is an embodiment of hard work Mr Chong ,is humility and success put to together.-a rare combination.


Dollar- a mystery

Watch the market Follow the financial reporting.View the snapshots.
Draw a graph. It will resemble an Electro cardiogram graph of aptient with a massive heart thrombosis.
The rise and fall are so swift,so frequent,so deep.
Cardiologists tell us to wait for anothr 24 hours or 48 hours .They buy time to announce the stability of the patient.
Analysts rush to announce that the dollar is strenghtening,retail sales are picking up,euro has fallen against dollar,in the G8 summit dollar will not be allowed to fall.
Dollar is being pampered,cajoled and assuaged,so that oil and gold will loose their sheen.
How long can they devolve such manipulation?
Why is U.S up to such pranks?
Gold is arm twisted,oil is knocked to satiate the thirst of US economy.
Mmarket gurus take the cue from the cardiologists.Practise patience.


Pandora’s Box

The pandora’sbox is wide open.Gasoline price hike,commodities price rise,oil price surge,bank rate up.All have jumped out simultaneously.The world is shocked. There is anger ,disillusionment and panic .How to come out of thos serious mess? This is what is written large ,which blinks outrageouslyon us

Market analysts, . Management gurus, chiefs of Reserve Banks have thrown their hands in exasperation.
All have faltered in their predictions and predicaments.They are advocating sluggishness and slow down..Their advice provokes the commoner.He yells “what were you doing all this time?’
A question most appropriate.It is like driving a nail into a bolt.
It is best,if all the sophisticated officials keep mum.The juggelery will come to a close.Inflation will come down, Allow nature to take its own course.Shun the intra players ,the corrupt officials,and monitor the day to day activities scruplously


Dead cat bounces back

Dollar rises high against all major currencies.A piquant situation..
This surprise move has stifled gold and silverOil accompanied the precious metals inthe fall.
Go back to the nursery rhyme Jack fell down and Jill came tumbling after.
Bernanke’s hawkish comments have stimulated a negative trend.
An hour ago oil is ranging forward.Gold and silver will rush above 900$,in no time.
Dollar’s movement should be watched


Gold -withhold ,watch,win

Gold is offbeat today.Dollar is masquerading,as if it is is not so. a ploy played ,to wean away the traders,projecting a low profile of the is staggering. Do not get panic. do not fall a victim to the middlemen’s ruse. By agitating the market,the middlemen try to acquire gold in a discounted price. Withhold .watch,win


Looking inwards

The G8 summit has decided to look inwards regarding oil inflation.
when we are at fault,we try to seek remedy elsewhere. It is nothing but human weakness.Many ways are there to cut inflation .The supply and demand is not proportional in the case of oil. India and china are fast riding economies. There is much requirement of oil.Russia and Us,are reluctant to release their oil deposits,targetting the prize catch, The OPEC ,feel that they are not the force behind oil hike. Decarbonising the power sector is one essential factor that countries have to pay attention to. Strengthening the public transport system is the other factor that will help to solve the problem.Prudent management of energy is the chief agenda that countries need to focus.
Inflation will be contained by delivering good governance,It is hard to find a country sans political corruption; bribery, cheating,,ill gotten wealth,scams,
Leaders are garrulous.
less talk ,more action,should be our motto .

1.Political corruption
2Hoarding commodities


Behaviour Finance

Behaviour Finance has to be a given a deep thought.Management schools should include this subject in the curriculum. No two men are alike.Each has a different outlook, differentg taste, different likings .The decision also is not akin.
Management of big companies was under the family earlier. Strategies were dictated by the family head, followed most obediently by the siblings,sons and the managers.There was no dispute.The family run business was in experienced hands, no matter the person controlling the fiefdom was intelligent, pragmatic and progressive.
The scenario has changed. Globalisation has brought with it competition,swift actions,definite plans and focused enthusiasm.
The Hamletian philosophy “To be or not to be”will not hold water. Dilemma will not find a place in today’s corporate management.
Next into equities and commodities trading,this behavioural aspect rules the roost.
To commit or not to commit is piquant. Investing in equities for a long time will be rewarded. In put in big, reputed trustworthy companies will findremuneration.
Trading short term is intersting,provided the flow is minimal.
These investments are like a garden .They have trees and flowers .Trees give fruits in a few years. flowers bloom ,fade away .Fruits are essential ,so also flowers ,they givebeauty and fragrance.
A setback in markets,sends shock waves. Succumbing to such pressure is regrettable.Ups and downs in markets are common. Take it in the stride. Be complacent,Minus 500 or plus 1000 is not a matter.


Suspended Belief

we are all victims of suspended belief.Equity market, commodity trading,real estate,are all in the grip of this phobia.What will happen? Will we see a rise? Is it going to fall?Will the economy be stable?queries rush into our mind. We are in a state of transcendental confusion.Mind is at peril.
Analysts add condiments to the broth.A prominent expert says buy this stock,bonus shares are to be issued. There is a mad rush, Accumulation works on.the next day the price of the stock dilutes.There is mood of disappointment,displeasure.There is a throb in the heart,if I had been less entusiastic,and more prudent,things would have been different.
It is this attitude that is pulling the market down.It is this feeling that is playing a havoc in the economy of the nations.
Inflation is camouflaged in India.There is a neat 15 % rise in the prices.People are disgruntled.
Media and analyst put the percentage of hike as is a total misnomer.
The government of India has announced ,that it will contain inflation ,Another instance of misleading the people.
The government says ,there will be an industrial growth of 10%.Where is it?
investors,unmindful of technical calls, of market volatality,can nowinvest in reputed scrips-like SBI,L&T,Brittania,Telco. Maruti,infosys, TCS,reliance packages.
ctch them when they are low, you will be rewarded,
This is the recipe for success


The magic of Gold

The yellow metal is a safe haven for investors.Oil is tricky,one time it rises in leaps and bounds .the other occasion it retreats steepily.One is remniscent of the nursery rhyme ,Jack fell down and Jill came tumbling after.Gold moves in tandem with oil.
Dollar movement poses an interesting study.Dollar was all powerful,so long,holdingthe roost.
It manifests otherwise is caught between the two -oil and dollar.
At present it is struggling,to come out of ithe clutches .
Future trading in gold and silver keeps one in constant alert. glued to the market volatality.
If one wants to dab in trading gold futures, his mind should be strong, heart prepared to face any diasaster
One’sinvestment might fade in a few transaction,or grow in geometric progression.
the upwrd swing or the downward fall may stop the heart from pounding.
Any trade involves risk, gold trading is one such ,but risks are much more than any merchandise.The magic of gold will pull one into the events. It is too hard to resist


Banking psychology in India

I happened to read the Indian Finance minister,s announcement recently, about lending credit liberally to MSE’s (micro small enterprises ).I was amused .A finance minister advising banks to
lend to MSE’s citing the reason that they are decent job providers.A very late revelation MR Palaniappan Chidambaram.
MSE,s suferred because of the non chalant attitude of financial institutions.
Many entrepeneurs succumbed to the woes.Most of them have disappeared from the scenario,few of them have vanished from this hostile world.
When agriculturists ,commit suicide ,there is a great hue and cry.Politicians ,yell,that agriculture is the back bone of our country,media gives wide publicity, by photographing the farmer’s widow and his children.Men in power, rush to the spot offering myriad waivers
Many MSE’s and their promoters eat a humble pie. They are in the clutches of private money lenders , as the minister has rightly pointed out. No one is bothered about their difficulties.instead MSE’s are wrecked by high rate of interest,statuatory obligations,tax,and other formalities.
My request ,to the Finace Minister,is that his call though very late should be put into action.
The financial institutions should pay heed to the FM’s call and act at once
I end up with Abu Ben Adam’s words “May your tribe increase” with a slight modification
May Mse’s increase,thus bringing prosperity to the nation