Drama Of Evolution

In pursuit of a dalliance, the peacock screams
the peahen listens unperturbed.
She is busy with her brood
feeding them.
Restless, he hoots and cries
a kind of a summon
the peahen returns.

Delighted, he runs to her, nudges,
coaxes her by pricking her with his beak
fans her with his gorgeous feathers
goes around her in a frenzy,
solicits her to take part in the game.

Tired after gathering enough food
she remains calm accepting the overtures
The peacock dances with swift steps
intoxicated, he releases the feathers
sneaks and tweaks with love
gracious in his attempts to seduce.

It works.
she clings to him.
an amalgamation seamless.
evolution in its glory
the drama unravels.

The haystack bores witness
to a grand ceremony
in all humbleness.