Feeling Sad-Man And Child.

Feeling sad is not only for elders 

 as the child gets sad  too often 

mostlywhen her mother scolds

and young-man-feeling-sad-14782811sad-face-web when her mother commands her

as to behave as told.



Children being playful and free

get going around happily

without anyone restricting their spree

but get upset over small things

and forsake  their glee.


The oldies nurture the feeling more

while the child forgets then and there

the little one is easily in the fore

as the elders panic over everything

the child gets back into the fold as before.


That marks the difference  so remarkable

as man and child differ greatly

one  saddened by the events untenable

thinking of the consequences great

the other gets  sad for only  a moment probable.