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Deafening Noise -Deadly Silence.

A solemn prayer to the almighty”Please , insulate the world in general, and Indonesia in particular, from such calamities”

Padang  in Indonesia experienced 7.6magnitude earthquake.Successive quakes devoured 529 lives officially, though more than thousands are feared dead., in reality. Indonesia ,the island country is ripped by earthquakes . A fortnight or so, it was heavily affected by a violent quake.

As day and night are natural occurences of the other parts of the world, quakes of high velocity has become a routine happening to the poor Indonesians. Voices from the rubble,cries from the ruins, wails from the dying , are heart rending. Seeing the disaster in video makes us weep. The sadness is so overwhelming that we become frozen and pale.

A research centre has to be set up in this region. The causes for such natural eruptions should be analysed by the scientists.A forewarning centre has  to be arranged. Mainly habitation in quake prone areas should be withdrawn.They should be settled  in safe areas. Houses and shops should be built with light quake resistant materials, such that even if they collapse, no major harm would  take place..People should be educated ,as how to react to the turbulence. Swift decision and quick action should be their mantra. As soon  as they feel anything amiss ,they should rush out  of the buildings. Everything , the entire rummaging is caused in a fraction of a second. Presence of mind should be the motto.

Indonesia had undergone such trials in the past. But , the quick successions  of outbursts, has diluted its spirit. The invincible courage and indomitable bravery   found in the Indonesians has been broken.Fear and nervousness have set in. Gloom and despair have settled.

We, the fortunate , should do something to alleviate their misery. Small pebbles make a mighty ocean.A small contribution or a volunteer help through organisations will mitigate the crisis .

God help them

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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