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Indian Bureaucracy-A Tedium

Foresight not in sight.

Laksmi Mittal , Chairman ArcelorMIttal , has informed that his company ,is close to pulling out of a$20 billion plan to build two steel plants in India, due to dificulties in buying land.The farmers are reluctant to sell the land ,identified in Orissa and Jharkhand. There are also other procedural delays ,that hamper the setting up of industries,which make industrialists to shy away .

The Tatas,had to undergo similar hardships in Bengal. They ,then shifted to Gujarat, a more friendly region . The political buoyancy ,the Chief Minister, urged the Tatas to put up their plant  in Bengal. The Tatas identified an appropriate land area, started their preliminary work, when Mamta , protested against the proposition . There was a big agitation, shooting,, fasting and clashes, that made the Tatas, to withdraw. Bengal’s loss was Gujarat’s gain. The government ,should have worked on the plans, called for a meeting of the farmers, discussed with the local politicians, and should have arrived on a suitable compensation. All these would have taken place, but in a haphazard manner, or in a hush hush programme.So there was loss of time, work and cost.

The Arcelor Mittal project is also progressing towards similar destiny. Orissa and Jharkhand are industrially backward. The Steel plants will ensue a rapid growth to the region,by bringing in prosperity. If the farmers refute to part with their lands, alternatives should be thought off, instead of allowing such mega projects to slip . The state governments should keep this in mind and sort out the problem, that befits the industry requirement and the farmer’s compensation.

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