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More Sad .

An invocation to all religions

We are on Saturday. We have heard distressing news from all over the world. Death is in all enormity. It is outrageous, particularly this week.Despair mounts. Gloom permeates. Sorrow fills. Tears well. Heart sinks.

The earthquake ,followed by tsunami in Samoan islands, two successive earthquakes in Padang Indonesia, Typhoon Parma  in Philliphines, floods  in India, great drought in East Africa, have installed a delerium , have imposed a deliberate shock on the community.

Besides, such rude violence, a boat capsize in Thekkady , in Kerala,has aroused an indignation over the safety measures adopted by authorities.The indifferent , light hearted attitude of the staff of the tourist centre has cost forty precious lives.The amusement has been converted to a tedium.

Nature seems to be enraged. The unholy behaviour of Nature is ascribed to an environmental disaster, created by Man. It is, in a way right. In a way , wrong. Such grotesque episodes occurred  from the time of vedas, in the age before CHrist, some 2000 years ago. There was the great deluge , which converged in the tale of Noah’s ark, the submerging of Lemuria beneath the Pacific Ocean also adds evidence to the fact that  Natural  disasters were a regular phenomenon. We read about the disintegration of land masses, land slides , tornadoes  hurricanes that took place. even a few centuries back.

This cyclic eventualities did and do happen , causing hardships, creating disappointments, producing misery, and issuing bereavement. The loss is irreparable, both materially and mentally.

The week is drawing to a close. Let us be kept away from  pralayams,catastrophes, .”bencanas”

” Krishna  mukunda nee murare,”

Praise ye the Lord,

Allahu Akbar.——Allahumma salli-ala Muhammad

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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