New York

A city into the dark.

On a voyage I go

 seeing places be the goal

the cities  of fame take

the priority all the more.

Go I with expectations high

New York, a place of pride

I chose the place in the stride

away I went  with an enthusiasm

Did it stand up to my fascination?

Be that a question hard

proper  response on the trial

it was and was not in a way

the charm not so exciting

as the city looks tired and forlorn.

Overused is the epithet that strikes me

overexposed in a fashion that  gathers

the city looks aghast in a sequence

of being  in the limelight for long

a hype built by men around.


The most happening place they say

the economy or the political  rendezvous

 it remains the same as past

though with less gleam and  noise

succumbs the land to pressure.

The suffix “new” that adorns it 

be unclad with a due reverence

to befit the place with a succour

lest it would be a misnomer

such be the status of the metropolis.

Abounds it with  attractions various

one of the Statue of Liberty on an island

the Empire State Building  high up

with the U.N on an overlook

as the newly built World trade centre hovers

the city  needs a rest from now.

This is the level of the great city

very much different from yesterday

the Chinese entry is impressive

 seen extensively in commerce

a distinct society  is on the rise.

A style of the colonies thirteen

original in the eighteenth century

now attains a dim with a detain

as the eastern hub of the world

rises from oblivion with a composure.

Big apple, as it is fondly called

remains big in a sense apart

a shy residue of the past it is

absolutely  diffused and disoriented

just a shade of past glory

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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