“The Devakottaians”

Gibber jabber goes the talk

what could be in stock?

a chatter incessant all the more

money and jewellery  being the core

it goes on with a concentration55327_girl-writing_md

nothing else catches the attention

” I made a pendant and a bangle  one says

worth so much in a way

“I bought a property in a metropolis” says the other

a prized one in an accomplish  rather

the conversations go on for hours together

while the other one adds  with a fervor

“I made a wholesome profit in business”

a reward to my  hard work in a sense

an admirable,  enterprising group I see

I wish to make haste and flee

have to sit amidst them looking on

what not and what else passes on?

as I have nothing to boast of in turn

money, property, jewellery  even for fun

own no business except my writing skill

I am  plain  and prosaic without any frills

they who belong to a  town Devakottai .





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