On My Way To London

On my way to London

the beautiful city of the world

it is almost done

as I am moving  towards.


I am nostalgic

my  dream  lies before

it is euphoric

being a city  of lore .


I set foot on its soil

great do I feel

my pride winds up in a coil

demure in the deal.


I see the Thames

flowing with a song

look at the London bridge

famed through a song.


The magnificence of  the city

the Buckingham Palace

fascinates  the eyes being gritty

massive  structure in place.


The Hyde Park is a fantasy

with fountains in a sprinkle

the flowers  blossom in an adequacy

the petals being soft without wrinkle.


I notice many a poet

marching up and down the lanes

some walk in a quiet

others come with lines that rain.


Art and literature flourish

the artistic literary inclinations thrive

could see in a brandish

the  thoughts that spurt in fives.


Being a melting pot

home to many races and religions

London is a cynosure to all eyes in spot

would drive anyone into no nonsensical diligence.







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