Being One Of Bounteous Love.

So go my tales of 2015.

The year that is past

has  been very fast

the year began with a halo

exposing a tumult  in a bellow.


Much of the politics did gather

crowd up in a clamour  rather

the one claims the unattainable

the other talks of the unreachable.


The year that was had so much of the unrealistic

an expectation with a lot off glitch  turned static

the  governance in the center and the state

was the old wine in a new bottle nothing beyond the rate.


Not much happened last year  at any front

economics looked like an holocaust  in trend

inflation was at the highest at all point

onions and grocery rapidly rose to the joint.


The Modi formula did not work  any magic

it waned into another gimmick

the Raghuram Rajan hypothesis showed caution

brought no impetus to production.


The theorem and the rider did prove in theory

abstract could be they in  a dreary

the  virtual could not catch up with the formulae  largely

the functionality  remained undefined inordinately.


The congressional dilemma seen greatly in the parliament

obstructing each and every agenda no matter how imminent

their strength in the Rajya Sabha  became a tool

by which the people were made fools.


Notwithstanding the administrative defaults

the opposition and the ruling made somersaults

one blames the other for its inadequacy

whereas the country is spurned  by the indecency.


2015 saw many disasters worldwide  being unimaginable

could we think of the migratory issues in a degree plausible?

could we talk of the firing in Paris with delicacy?

or see the shootings in U.S with a placidity?


I woke with a fear in my heart  almost everyday

what would and could happen this day being today?

being the surmount in my mind all through the year

never did I sleep in peace all the days, my dear.


These could be said of my country and the world

what did take place in my home swear by my word

was it anyway better than the national and international?

the home being a nucleus of  both the levels.


The noncooperation  among the family members surfaced

it took a momentum and  faded in a manner phased

the turmoil was enough to kindle and rekindle my anger

I  had a tough time and looked daggers.


The colleagues  or my staff for that matter

had  involved in a banter

engaged in a tease and  a poke causing exhaustion

I  threw  my towels in exasperation.


The year saw all these in a largesse

it also had incidents that lock a caress

being one of an addition to the family

that of a lovely girl who smiles affably.


The birth of the little girl at the beginning of the year

the innocent toothless smile she displays is so dear

the feel when I hold her close to my  bosom

relieves me of the tension and issues cumbersome.


Seeing her grow up throughout the twelve months

the way she turned back and front in her third month

the effort she put up to sit steady  in the months later

the words she spoke with a mimic  in her incessant chatter

all leads one to the next year with bounteous love .


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By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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