A Splendour Every Year.

The first day of the month “thai”

how it is called in Tamil  with  love

comes in mid January

a festival called Pongal

being a thanksgiving to God

being celebrated with splendour

all throughout by the Tamils .


A beautiful concept as seen

wherein the harvest being over

new rice  being brought in

an iron or a mud stove

and mud or metallic pots

adorned and  sketched

with fastidious colours .


The images of leaves and flowers

drawn with such artistic instincts

while the floor shines with an ethnic print

which holds the rice powder as a base

around the pots are tied the rice stalk

mango leaves  and  turmeric stalks

add to the charm of the festival.


The family gathers around   the stove

the conch is blown  a sign to start

the lady of thee house comes forth

dressed up in  a sari bright and new

with flowers around her hair

she places the pot on the stove

much to the cheer of the family.


The celebration progresses

as fresh milk is poured in to the pot

then the rice drained water is  poured

till the brim of the pot

the firewood flames with a glow

the milk and water starts t boil

with the acceleration of heat.


The milk boils over  slowly and steadily

being a sign of prosperity

the whole family stand there with a wait

pleased to see the milk boil with a force

rice is added in small measures

followed by jaggery, ghee and coconut flakes

along with cashew and raisins .


That being the pass over

the family then gathers around again

prays to the almighty with a fervour

a request is put forward earnestly

as to have continuous prosperity

all throughout  the year  and in future

so much so the festival passes peacefully.50ec717de383a01082013132029










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