At Manhattan

Being a vegan
I find  it hard to travel.
The limitations work against me.
I sit back with a glass of water.

It  happened once
had to go with plain water
the whole day,
while I went to Liberty Island
to see the neoclassical sculpture
Statue Of liberty.

I bought French fries
thought I could abate my hunger
they were so insipid to my Indian tongue
used to spicy and salty delicacies,
The flavour did not appeal to me,
nor did the aroma of being cooked in
fish oil.

My husband chided me
“it is all in your mind”
Because of me, he has to forego
many of the sightseeing attractions.

The next day,
I resumed the liquid diet
that kept me going for a while
then, unable to withstand
I collapsed midway on Broadway
in Manhattan.

The traffic was hectic.
cars honking on either side
speeding like a whirlwind
a turn to right or left
would spell a disaster Pronounce death,
crushed between the wheels
smudged and blood soaked.

My husband  lifted me
I heard the abuses of
of the NewYorkers.
“Oh, Indian woman with a saree
What did you eat in the morning”
The yellow cab driver cried out in anger
“Want to go to hell”
Chaos for a moment.

The thirst for travel
allows me not to sleep in peace
“never will I take you”
shouts my husband,
the moment I go to him
with a plea.




By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

7 replies on “At Manhattan”

There are many vegans in the US…and many restaurants have items to select from…even the hotels have options…you may wish to ask or Google those place that provide for you dietary needs…wishing you all the best.

Thanks,I found it difficult to travel i not only in U.S but in other countries too. I love home food.
Anyhow, nice to hear from you after a long time. All the best.

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