Macau Or Madurai

It is the final call
for boarding.

Announcements resound
throughout the airport lobbies.

Confusion prevails.
up and down they pass.

“What for they run?
Can’t they be cool?”

While thinking of others,
I miss the exit G 21.

Go through G 25.
It leads to the departure lounge.

I throw my backpack and relax.
Announcements once more.

The flight to Macau is on time.
The counter opens.

“Macau! Oh My God,”
My destination is Madurai.

I dash pulling my pack.
The wheels croak and squeal.

My slippers give away.
I shove them. Desperate.

It is time for boarding,
I have to cover a considerable distance.

It is mayhem. I run,  rush,
reach the gate, somehow.

Meena, Meena
blare the airport authorities.

They catch me at the entrance.
Wrap me like a parcel.

Push me through the crowd,
drag  through the aerofloat.

Place me on the seat.
Off I fly.