The year bundles.
how fast it has been?
I wonder.

2017, as it departs,
makes way to the next one,
might be in a few hours
in the regions, I live.

Birth is an ordeal,  an effort
to both mother and child.
A cry records the entrance.

The labour of 2017 identified
in the privileges and deficiencies,
achievements and failures
wrap with a grace.

2018, with a cherubic smile,
greets us to another period,
one of hopes, that of glory,
while expectations soar.

This is an anthem, a requisition
to  my friends, strive to make
peace and contentment
rule the world. Think  not of
contests and fights.

Smile, the world will be yours.




Reddish Hue

An outbreak of red,
a sight  unfolding,
where the hibiscus
turns riotous.

Scores of flowers
crimson blossoms,
the lengthy stigma
dense with pollens.

The misty dawn
not bright,
yet not grey,
allows the sun to play.

The leafy stalks bow,
inadequate to bear the fecundity,
as if in obeisance to the earth,
professes a modesty untold.
Learn from this virtual glory
Man is no match to Nature,
either in benevolence
or in perseverance.