The Stay After Two Decades

Had to spend fifteen days
in my native village
being so after two decades.

The hamlet is as modest as ever
with festivals and weddings.

The stay twenty years back is significant
for the good or the bad
both in the style of living and food.

The milk vendor, Palani, rings the bell.
Supplies milk at dawn.
when boiled turns watery
retains the colour lacks taste.

Twenty years older,Palani
delivers  creamy milk at the door,
these fifteen days.

The milk is delicious. A sip is fulfilling,
extends an aroma distinct to the Kanagayem cows.

The vegetables look green and wholesome.
Brinjals, spinach and gourds  glimmer.
Love to eat the curries.

Earlier they were withered and contorted, l
ifeless, tasted insipid.

I felt hungry often  those days,
while I am contented at present.

The vendor, the grocer,  the place
and I are  not different, but older.
Any scheme in the background?